Extensive development project initiated

Development and market introduction of new energy and climate technology will play an important part in solving the energy and climate challenges we are facing today. We aim to be a leader in our industry and have decided to invest significant funds in relation to developing technology that can contribute to a more sustainable future.

In collaboration with ENOVA, we have initiated a R&D project where we aim to develop unique technology for the treatment of various types of residual raw materials from the seafood industry to high-quality fish proteins that can be used as an ingredient for various types of food and nutritional products.

Preliminary studies show that our technology, which is based on sequential molecular-separating membrane technology with emphasis on ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for energy efficiency and high quality biomarine industrial processing has unique properties both in terms of handling different types of residual raw material, end product quality and energy consumption. The technology is referred to as the FPI® process (Fish Protein Isolate).

Work is well underway and is being carried out in a collaboration between Eagle Technology AS, as a producer of the technology, and Stella Polaris AS and Marealis Innovation AS as a potential user of the technology. Several other external actors are also involved in the development process.

Technological innovation

  • Membrane technology uses 1/3 less energy than evaporation
  • The technology removes i.a. fat, salt, and biogenic amines (bad smell and taste)
  • FPI® products (eg. from fish) have a longer shelf life without additives
  • A membrane system takes up less space and uses less stainless steel than an evaporator
  • Electrification of biomarine processes – replacing fossil fuels

Competence development

  • Energy efficiency is an important learning area in this project. It is about choosing technical solutions that will increase profitability in the form of lower CAPEX and OPEX as a direct result of energy savings and higher market value of the end product (FPI® – fish protein isolate and FPC) extracted from low-value residual raw materials from marine sectors.

Realized spread of technology

  • The technology has been introduced on fishmeal. This project develops a specialized process / product for hydrolysates of marine residual raw material.
  • With the ENOVA project approved, the process is marketed in several countries, including countries where the FPI process is patented.

Further development and further spread

  • We want to document all the benefits of our technology; energy savings, low capital and operating costs, and product. There is great market potential for the technology, nationally and internationally. All companies with marine residual raw materials can profit by using this new energy and climate friendly FPI® technology
  • Further spread of FPI technology takes place i.a. through collaboration with educational institutions. We collaborate with NTNU with lab equipment, experiments, lectures, and MSc / PhD experiments.
  • We are active in European R&D where we seek to bring our FPI technology into new applications and seek ideas / sub-processes.

Contact information:
Goran Klaric
922 10 496

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