Eagle Technology AS – Best Sustainable Technology Value Creation Europe 2020 – CFI.co Awards 2021

Eagle Technology AS, a subsidiary in the Eagle Group, has for the second year in a row been named the winner of Capital Finance International (CFI.co)’s award within the category «Sustainability Awards Europe». We are proud that our commitment towards development of environmental technology gets noticed internationally, it is a recognition to everyone who works in the Eagle Group, says CEO of Eagle Technology, Roy Moberg.

We have an exciting business model where we combine sustainable business models with a high degree of innovation and integration across different cultures and competence environments. This is probably the main reason why we are once again awarded the prize in one of the most prestigious categories of the global finance media house, CFI.co, says Moberg.

Eagle Technology was founded in 2014 and has in recent years built up an international business with focus on the environment and energy as value drivers. The jury’s justification for awarding the prize has emphasized the company’s ability and willingness to innovate in developing sustainable solutions through international cooperation, even during an ongoing pandemic. The development of patented technology that converts different types of maritime residual raw material into more than 80% protein content is one of the development projects that the jury emphasizes, specifically in its justification. This is a development project that we are carrying out in collaboration with our subsidiary, Due Miljø. The project is supported by ENOVA and the first version of a mobile test unit will be launched in the market in Q1 2022. A higher degree of utilization of raw materials from seafood is an important tool for achieving a more sustainable and future-oriented industry both in Norway and globally, says Moberg.

The Eagle Group promotes a corporate culture that encourages employees to be curious, think new and take responsibility. I have worked for Eagle for over 20 years, and it has been a fantastic journey from when I started as a graduate engineer at Teknotherm in Halden to where we are today, says CEO at the factory in Bosnia, Ivo Klaric. We now have a state-of-the-art factory that can measure up to anything, even on a global scale, and hire new employees every month to increase capacity. Eagle has given us a unique opportunity to develop into an international player from a local point of view in Bosnia, concludes an enthusiastic Klaric.

We are not a large player in an international context measured in terms of either turnover or number of employees, but our strong focus on innovation and collaboration is noticed both in research environments and among customers. In a short time, we have built up a very good sales and engineering environment in Halden, which handles sales and delivery management to customers, while engineering services and manufacturing are delivered from Bosnia. This is an exciting journey in both language, culture, and business understanding It is extremely pleasing that in a short time we have achieved such good results that we are recognized internationally, Moberg concludes.

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