Eagle Enviro

Environmental technology and solutions
Eagle Enviro

Eagle Enviro became a part of the Eagle Group in 2020, and as a consequence the company changed its name from Due Miljø AS to Eagle Enviro in 2022.

Eagle Enviro is a subsidiary of Eagle Technology, both with head office and management located in Halden. The company is also located in Žepče, Bosnia with production facility in conjuction with Eagle Technology.

The company’s focus is on delivering and development of environmental technology and solutions. Eagle Enviro is a Norwegian pioneer in biotechnology and liquid separation for the process and food industry. The company develops and delivers sustainable membrane and separation plants, and creates value for seafood, dairy, process and technical / chemical Industry. In addition, we aslo create value in the development and marketing of patented biotechnology processes.

Eagle Enviro is today run by Goran Klaric – CEO, Kent Moberg – CFO, and Knut Hvidsand – Sales and Marketing Director. Eagle Enviro is 90 % owned by Eagle Technology Norge, the remaining shares is owned by Goran Klaric.