Green Carbon AS

Sustainable and Competitive
Green Carbon

Green Carbon is a brand-new company with access to unique technology which transform plastic into high energy calorific value of wax carbon. It was registered as a new company in March 2017. Eagle AS owns 60 % of the company while the remaining 40 % is owned by Polymer Energy Polska Sp. Z.o.o. Green Carbon has through an exclusive agreement access to the unique technology, named as T-Technology solution.

The owner of the technology, Mr. Zbigniew Tokarz, is a shareholder in Green Carbon, represented by the company, Polymer Energy. He owns and manages the daily team that operates the installation in Bogumilow, Poland and is also responsible for the coordination of the teams appointed to implement and start-up T-Technology equipment on a global scale.
He has a unique competence in building a sustainable competitive advantage of T-Technology and manages the development of key competencies of his business. In-depth knowledge of technology and years of experience at work, both in Poland and abroad, which allows him to control the production of devices and, at the same time, to operate this device.

Green Carbon AS – holding company, contract partner, sales/marketing, funding.

Green Carbon Polska – Contract partner, sales/marketing, sales support/design/engineering, project management turnkey project, purchasing/spare parts, cooperation with Polymer Energy

Polymer Energy – Production of units, installation, start-ups, training, maintenance.