About us

Technological development, engineering and system solutions in environment and energy
Eagle AS is a private investment company with a primary focus on technology development, engineering and sale of system solutions within the fields of environment and energy.

In addition to the company’s industrial investments Eagle has a broad investment portfolio within shipping and real estate.

One of the pillars behind Eagle AS development over the last two decades has been Teknotherm Marine AS. Eagle established and developed Teknotherm in to one of the world’s leading actors within maritime and offshore refrigeration systems. The company was sold to the Dutch company Heinen & Hopman June 7th, 2018. Another success within the same segment was achieved through Therma Industri AS –a spin-off of Teknotherm. Eagle build the company in to the leading actor in Norway within land-based industrial energy and refrigeration systems before it was sold in 2021.

The last 7-8 years Eagle has strategically shifted it’s focus over to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business model and has invested heavily in several technologies, both in terms of in-house development and acquisitions of companies. The technologies include pyrolysis for treatment of drill cuttings and plastic waste, water treatment systems to the oil and gas industry, and processing of residue materials from the fish industry. These technologies are now all compromised in one company, Eagle Technology AS. The R&D department responsible for these technologies are located in Stavanger, Norway.

In addition to our own portfolio of technologies Eagle Technology possess extensive expertise in fabrication of diverse systems and solutions designed for offshore installations, including but not limited to wind, oil and gas, carbon capture, and more. Sales and project management for the fabrication parts of the business is handled from our office in Halden, Norway while manufacturing, documentation, and engineering is done from Zepce, Bosnia where our 9000 sqm factory lies. In addition to this we have an engineering office in Vietnam which primarily handles drawings, documentation, and supplementary engineering- and production capacity.

The Eagle Group have an annual turnover of approximately 400 million NOK. We have departments and offices located in the most important markets all over the world, and together they employ approximately 230 people.

Corporate management Eagle Group:

Mail: paal@eagle.no
Phone: +47 920 87 239

Pål Myklebust

Mail: roy@eagle.no
Phone: +47 906 49 339

Roy Moberg

Mail: kent@eagle.no
Phone: +47 905 83 017

Kent Moberg

Mail: rds@eagle.no
Phone: +47 470 11 261

Renate Dysvik Seime
CEO Eagle Enviro

Mail: ik@eagletechnology.no
Phone: +387 63 943 712

Ivo Klaric
CEO Eagle Technology Bosnia