Eagle Accounting

Eagle Accounting was established in May 2017 and is located in Eagle’s offices in Halden, Norway.

The department has five employees, Roy Moberg – CEO, Kent Moberg – CFO, Kim Atle Svendsen – Group Finance Manager, Anita Lyngmo Frantzen – Accountant and Randi Hilde Wara – Accountant. The department handles payment, accounting and reporting for all companies where Eagle is majority shareholder.

Email: roy@eagle.no
Phone: 906 49 339

Roy Moberg

Email: kent@eagle.no
Phone: 905 83 017

Kent Moberg

Email: kim@eagle.no
Phone: 948 32 858

Kim Atle Svendsen
Group Finance Manager

Email: randi@eagle.no
Phone: 469 69 064

Randi Wara

Email: anita@eagle.no
Phone: 928 61 281

Anita Lyngmo Frantzen