Rena Quality Group

Rena Quality Group AS

In 2015 Eagle AS acquired majority of the shares in Rena Technology and Quality Group, and in 2017 after a carefully evaluation the companies merged into one company, Rena Quality Group. Merging the companies resulted in a stronger organization, more cost-effective operations and a complete product range by delivering complete integrated environmental-solutions where contaminated water and oil-contaminated cuttings is purified. Rena Quality Group is a provider of sustainable and cost-effective environmental solutions within waste water treatment and drilling waste management. Rena Quality Group has also developed their own IP which is unique within environmental and energy savings solutions. The company can meet all international – and national regulations and standards as well as the classification society’s requirements for environmental notations.

Rena Quality Group has departments in Singapore, India, Brazil, Stavanger and Moss – the main office is located in Stavanger.

Rena Quality Group is also main shareholder in Alven Ltd., a company registered on Cyprus. Alven is a tech company which offers water treatment of slop and produced water, along with destruction of cuttings in a mobile maritime solution. The technology is already completed conceptual and it will revolutionize the market compared to the land-based solutions which exist today. To read more about Alven visit: Alven Integrated Environmental Services